It’s Great To See Smiling Guests Again!
Champagne, Flowers & Chocolate Covered Strawberries A Williamsburg White House, Williamsburg, VA

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life….Champagne, Chocolates & Flowers!

Update 11/16/2020…Williamsburg continues to be open and operating as we have for the past 5 months. We have no further restrictions except for a temporary order for group gatherings to be limited to 25 persons and a temporary sale of alcohol to stop at 10pm in bars and restaurants. (Don’t worry, you can bring your own to the Inn!) All restaurants, stores, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and now Busch Gardens are open and looking forward to providing you with a socially distanced awesome holiday time getaway!

We have now been open for over 4 months since our Covid-19 Shutdown in the Spring and boy, are we glad to see a lot of smiling faces! This great old estate is not the same without guests enjoying it’s space.

We have mastered the social distancing thing and yes, we are still wearing face masks, so don’t forget to bring yours with you! We are continuing to serve breakfast at tables for 2 in the JFK Library unless you are traveling with larger groups families and friends, upon which we will seat you in the Reagan Dining Room. We continue to serve a full breakfast every morning and you can still count on our afternoon snack and wine. (The homemade snacks are just wrapped up individually now!).

Our housekeeping staff is working just as hard as always but they continue to keep this grand ole’ beauty spotless and safe for your piece of mind. We do not perform any housekeeping services while a room is occupied for the safety of our staff as well as our guests. Just ask us if you need fresh towels, garbage pick up or any other amenities. Common areas are cleaned frequently and hand sanitizer is available.

We do offer self check in for anyone that is uncomfortable with a personal check in so just let us know.

Williamsburg is open and the restaurants are serving indoors and outdoors. Colonial Williamsburg is open with limited closures due to smaller buildings that are just not large enough for social distancing. Jamestown and Yorktown are both open as well. Yorktown is a great place to visit for the day and enjoy the Riverwalk as well as the new Museum.
We are mentally getting ready for the holidays that will be soon approaching but right now we are just enjoying the cool fall weather and the anticipation of starting up our wood burning fireplaces in the common areas.

We are here to make your escape from the crazy world we live in right now a relaxing getaway offering you peace of mind and comfort.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

Come, relax, escape with a peace of mind.

Chess Board, Table & Chairs A Williamsburg White House, Williamsburg, VA
Debbie & John Keane, owners, Innkeepers.