Enjoying the summer in Williamsburg, Va
Guest Bedroom
Updated 7/17/2022.

We continue to struggle through staff shortages but will not fail to provide you as always, with the cleanest room and surroundings. Our housekeeping staff is working overtime. We appreciate you keeping to a check in time after 3pm as our housekeepers are working as hard as they can to get your rooms ready by the 3pm check in.

As always our full complimentary breakfast is served every morning except Thanksgiving and Christmas so come with a good appetite.

We do not require masks and we are not social distancing at this time.

We look forward to seeing you all!



Updated 4/12/2022

Well, we are full into the spring mode with blossoming flowers, green grass and cool evening temperatures. We have been blessed with an awesome group of guests this year so far and look forward to meeting more and more of you as the year goes on. We currently continue to have no covid protocols in place. Our standard cancellation policies apply and our usual operations are continuing as they have for the past 8 months. We have always, even through covid, continued to serve a full complimentary breakfast each morning and will continue to do so. We serve at a group table in the Reagan Dining Room and at individual tables for 2 in the JFK Library. This is all based on availability. We look forward to an amazing year of meeting an amazing group of travelers.

Updated 3/29/2022

Spring has arrived. The Magnolia is in bloom and the daffodils have opened. We are looking forward to a beautiful spring in Williamsburg. We have dropped all Covid Protocols and are operating as we once did over 2 years ago. Come, relax, walk to the historic area and enjoy life “like the old days”. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Updated 1/18/.2022

As we have completed an absolutely amazing year of guests in 2021, we are so looking forward to another year of the same. We are happy to say, things are continuing as normal here at the Inn. We do not require mask inside the Inn and are continuing to serve a full delicious breakfast as usual. We hope you are looking to book that relaxing winter getaway soon! We look forward to seeing you!

Updated 8/14/2021

We are continuing to monitor the covid situation around us. We are fortunate and are in a town with a high vaccination rate and low case score. We are as usual maintaining a clean and spotless Inn due to the hard work of our housekeeping staff. Our entire staff has been vaccinated.  We are serving a full breakfast every morning and afternoon wine and snacks in the Reception Room. We do not have a mask requirement. Our guests have a choice of dining at a table for two or joining others in the Dining Room for a great breakfast shared with others. If things should change we will certainly adjust our procedures.

Updated 6/15/2021

We are happy to say all of the Emergency Orders put in place back in March 2020 are officially lifted. Masks are not required in indoor or outdoor areas if you are vaccinated. Some private businesses may choose to require masks but at our Inn we have gladly removed them. So, come on over, visit awhile and enjoy life pretty close to the old days! Of course bring your mask, and leave it in the car for those places that require it.

Updated 5/15/2021. We are happy to announce that Virginia no longer will require masks indoors if you are vaccinated. We, here at the Inn will follow these guidelines, so if you are vaccinated, leave your masks in the car!.  As of 5/28/2021, all covid restrictions will be lifted in the state of Virginia, so we are looking forward to getting back to normal and operating as we have for the past 20 years. Leave your masks home and come relax, unwind and enjoy a touch of normal after a long year!

Updated 4/7/2021. Well, spring has arrived and the daffodils and tulips are in full bloom. The trees are budding and the gardens will be planted soon. Not much has changed at the Inn. We are still serving a full breakfast and running everything as pre-covid days except for those facial masks that are required in the Inn by the State of Virginia, and we socially distance you at breakfast as to not be too close to another human! LOL…The good news is our entire staff has been vaccinated, so come on down and see us sometime! We are very excited to feel things coming back to normal here.

Updated 3/3/2021. As the sun is out today and 60 degrees, the daffodils are starting to pop up all over Williamsburg. Everything is about the same here as we still continue to operate “almost like the old days, of course with a mask and socially distanced” offering a full breakfast each morning socially distanced at individual tables for two. Afternoon wine and individually wrapped snacks are still here for you in the late afternoon. We are going to clean off the outside patio this week and get it ready for all of you to enjoy during your stay this spring. All area restaurants are open at 50% indoor dining as well as outside and alcohol is served until midnight. Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown continue to be open as well as Busch Gardens on Weekends. Don’t wait to book your room as things will fill quickly in the next few months. We still require a mask when entering the Inn so please bring one with you. Our Housekeeper is still working overtime to keep the place spotless and safe for your relaxing trip to getaway! Thanks for supporting us for the past year and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Updated 1/19/2021…Well, Your Winter getaway is right here. The off-season is here and things are quiet but fortunately, the town is still open, and tourists are still visiting! Nothing much has changed with covid restrictions, so we are operating the same as we have since our reopening in June 2020. We continue to require facial masks indoors at the Inn. A Full breakfast is still served at socially distanced tables for 2 or in our Dining Room at a larger table for families or parties traveling together. Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement, and the Yorktown American Revolution Museum are all still open. And…Busch Gardens is now open on Weekends. All of our restaurants continue to serve at 50% indoors as well as outdoors. We hope to see you this winter so you can enjoy that little getaway you have been looking forward to. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about our Inn. 757 229 8580.

Update 12/9/2020….As the Christmas holiday approaches we want to assure you of a safe holiday getaway as we continue to respect social distancing and masks in the Inn. We are still serving a full breakfast at individual tables for 2, socially distanced from each other every morning. The Inn is decorated for Christmas and our guests are enjoying wood burning fireplaces in the evening with a glass of wine in the Reception Room. All of our local restaurants are open and serving inside as well as outside. The historic attractions are open as well as the Busch Gardens Christmas event. Our new Christmas market is now open on Weekends in the Historic area, so come and enjoy some outside holiday spirit.

Update 11/16/2020…Williamsburg continues to be open and operating as we have for the past 5 months. We have no further restrictions except for a temporary order for group gatherings to be limited to 25 persons and a temporary sale of alcohol to stop at 10pm in bars and restaurants. (Don’t worry, you can bring your own to the Inn!) All restaurants, stores, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and now Busch Gardens are open and looking forward to providing you with a socially distanced awesome holiday time getaway!

We have now been open for over 4 months since our Covid-19 Shutdown in the Spring and boy, are we glad to see a lot of smiling faces! This great old estate is not the same without guests enjoying it’s space.

We have mastered the social distancing thing and yes, we are still wearing face masks, so don’t forget to bring yours with you! We are continuing to serve breakfast at tables for 2 in the JFK Library unless you are traveling with larger groups families and friends, upon which we will seat you in the Reagan Dining Room. We continue to serve a full breakfast every morning and you can still count on our afternoon snack and wine. (The homemade snacks are just wrapped up individually now!).

Our housekeeping staff is working just as hard as always but they continue to keep this grand ole’ beauty spotless and safe for your piece of mind. We do not perform any housekeeping services while a room is occupied for the safety of our staff as well as our guests. Just ask us if you need fresh towels, garbage pick up or any other amenities. Common areas are cleaned frequently and hand sanitizer is available.

We do offer self check in for anyone that is uncomfortable with a personal check in so just let us know.

Williamsburg is open and the restaurants are serving indoors and outdoors. Colonial Williamsburg is open with limited closures due to smaller buildings that are just not large enough for social distancing. Jamestown and Yorktown are both open as well. Yorktown is a great place to visit for the day and enjoy the Riverwalk as well as the new Museum.
We are mentally getting ready for the holidays that will be soon approaching but right now we are just enjoying the cool fall weather and the anticipation of starting up our wood burning fireplaces in the common areas.

We are here to make your escape from the crazy world we live in right now a relaxing getaway offering you peace of mind and comfort.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

Come, relax, escape with a peace of mind.

Chess Board, Table & Chairs A Williamsburg White House, Williamsburg, VA

Debbie & John Keane, owners, Innkeepers.